A skyscraper on four wheels in the Wohnmobilhafen Rünthe

Rünthe - "I've never seen anything like it," says Detlef Göke, groundskeeper at the camper site in Marina Rünthe. Not surprising: The vehicle of Sjef and Lisette Rommens is absolutely unique.

Not only that the camper is mounted on the chassis of a Unimog. A second floor is raised via electric hoists when the vehicle is not running.

"It's a skyscraper camper," says Göke, looking for an appropriate term. "The idea came from a person from Belgium," the current owner knows, "because he wanted to take a trip through Africa with his family of five."

1,2 meters deep is not a problem

That's why the four-wheel drive with 220 hp can also drive through water that is 1.2 meters deep. An engineering student had calculated everything and drawn the plans.

Sjef and Lisette Rommens have now been the proud owners of the vehicle for five years. "We already stand out with it," they confess with a laugh. But they are happy to put up with it for the comfort. The ladder-like staircase at the rear into the interior is quickly overcome - and you're already standing in the living space.

A bathroom with a real toilet, a kitchen, seating opportunities: Everything is provided. On the side of the vehicle, a narrow staircase leads up one floor - and just like in an attic, adults can easily stand upright.

Five people can sleep in the camper

Five people can sleep here. Directly above the wide bed is a large window. "If you open that, you can also stand there - or sleep out in the open," explains Sjef Rommens. If the journey continues, the roof structure is lowered again. "You can leave everything as it is, the ceiling then goes down to the mattress," Lisette Rommens explains.

The structure lowers over the rest of the vehicle like a cardboard lid. The unfolded height of six meters thus becomes 3.80 meters again. The fact that the camper body is not completely sealed by the patent is intentional: "That's the ventilation," explains Sjef Rommens - and in winter, the cracks are simply plugged with insulating material.

The two Dutchmen have not yet used the vehicle for extraordinary tours. They run a farm at home with 900 calves. "We can never be gone for too long." They headed to Bergkamen because it happened to be halfway for a meeting with friends for both of them. "We took a bike ride along the canal on Sunday and looked at the boats. We'll be back," the couple promises, and then they stand out again.

Article by Stephanie Tatenhorst

Translated by Julia Falkenberg