Nice, very nice and the others Bergkamener Detlef Göke writes book about campers

What kind of people drive around in a RV? Nice ones, really nice ones - and others. Detlev Göke wrote down what he experienced as a groundskeeper in a book.

The RV port in the Marina Rünthe is buzzing. Not a day goes by without at least two vehicles stopping there, usually even more. Groundskeeper Detlef Göke knows them all, the motor home owners. Some come again, some are just passing through.

"I could tell stories," he used to say, laughing as he thought of many an incident involving campers. Once he said to a woman from Pinneberg, "I could write a book as thick as the Bible." The woman urged him to do so - and left. The idea remained. Not as many stories as in the Bible came together, Göke says with a smile, but the book has considerably more than 100 pages.

That also surprised Magnus See. The owner of a Werner publishing house got to know Göke through the "Blutige Lippe" literary series - and so it was a short journey when Göke needed help with his work.

"It's not a publishing work because it's not fiction," says Magnus See, explaining why he didn't publish the book, which therefore doesn't have an ISB number. It is marketed solely by Detlef Göke, who beamingly received the first 100 works on Friday.

The title of the book is "Von Netten, ganz Netten und den Anderen" ("Of the nice, the very nice and the others"), and Göke and See came up with the idea completely independently of each other. Because that's exactly what the book is about in terms of content: it's about stories and anecdotes that Göke has experienced at the RV park in the Marina Rünthe.

"With some of the stories, when I read them, I would say you should have been there live, but with others it reads very well," says See.

Initially, Göke had spoken all his stories on tape, because See had originally intended to ghostwrite them on paper - but that didn't work out as planned.

"It's important to hear Detlef's snark out," See says with a laugh. After all, the book author is no less scintillating than the people to whom he dedicated his book. And so Göke listened to the recorded stories again and put them down on paper himself.

See therefore deliberately did not intervene in the work as an editor, but merely made corrections and smoothed out one or two phrases.

"The woman from Pinneberg is the reason why the book exists," says Göke, and that's why her story is at the beginning of the book. Of course, Göke clarified in advance that he wanted to publish many a story - and so there are real names in the book as well as pseudonyms.

Peppered with pictures, it reads like a travel diary - except that the setting remains, but the guests change.

The book is available at a price of 11 euros from Detlef Göke at the mobile home port in the Marina Rünthe.

Press report: Hellweger Anzeiger | Editor: Stephanie Tatenhorst